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Elijah Family Homes carefully screens its clients and there are stringent rules to which they must commit.  If a candidate meets the eligibility requirements, an appointment will be scheduled to meet with the Program Director where they will be given an application and information packet. Once the application with accompanying documents are returned, they will be further reviewed for eligibility. The candidate will then be directed to submit a hair follicle sample prior to acceptance.

Elijah Family Homes participants must abide by established policies and:

  • seek employment or job training
  • participate in substance-abuse testing
  • attend EFH and recovery meetings.


The top priority of EFH is providing rent subsidies. Rent subsidies for EFH cost an average of $5,000 per family per year. Tenants share rent costs with sliding scale payments.  A second priority for EFH is to offer resources for tenants to have:

  • education and employment assistance
  • mentors, tutors and role models
  • accountability and fiscal responsibility
  • mandatory random drug urinalysis tests
  • family activities.

In selecting housing, Elijah Family Homes focuses on safety and security.  EFH tenants present a special needs population, including:

  • children and parents have experienced trauma
  • children are reunited with parent(s) after removal
  • parents lack a supportive, family safety net
  • families represent multiple generations of poverty, substance abuse, child abuse, domestic violence and poor education.


How to apply for housing

EFH has an applicant list for housing. While on the list, applicants participate in supportive services, attend monthly EFH community meetings, participate in periodic random drug tests, and submit weekly recovery meeting documentation. If you’d like to apply call Ryan Washburn, Program Administrator, at 509-943-6610 to set up an appointment for a brief orientation and to pick up an application.