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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Elijah Family Homes Do?

Information about Elijah Family Homes and our services can be found on the About EFH page.

What are the Requirements to Receive Assistance from Elijah Family Homes?

  1.  Have children under 18.
  2.  Have a letter from the Kennewick or Pasco Housing Authorities turning you down for housing or have applied for housing with the Kennewick or Pasco Housing Authorities and have a reason why you believe you will not be able to get housing from them.
  3. There must be a history of drug or alcohol abuse in your past. You must have remained drug and alcohol free for one full year before becoming a tenant and for at least 8-9 months before becoming an applicant.
  4. Attend weekly 12-Step or recovery (Celebrate Recovery, etc.) meetings.
  5. Attend Elijah Family Homes’ Client Meetings monthly and turn in meeting documentation.

What if I Need Emergency, Long-Term or Short-Term Housing?

There are links on our Links page to help you find the help you need, and/or you can contact EFH if you qualify for our services.