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Success Stories

EFH helps families who are already helping themselves. During the time our families are with us and beyond, they have experienced successes that they perhaps hadn’t thought possible before. Children are thriving both at school and at home. Parents are employed or in school, moving toward a greater level of self-sufficiency. Click through these stories below, and allow them to inspire you!


Families graduate and thrive

We offer housing and support services to families who can’t qualify for public housing. These families typically have dealt with addiction, criminal convictions, and domestic violence.

The Pesina-Mercado family (pictured) is one of many families to have graduated from our rigorous program. Some family members undergo random drug tests and attend recovery meetings. Not everyone makes it to graduation. But those who do have maintained their success and continue to thrive!

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Back on their feet

Jamie Wilkinson of Richland has been to the very bottom. She used meth for 13 years. She was homeless. She lost custody of her daughter. She got arrested and has a criminal record. But now, Jamie is working her way up, with the help and support of EFH’s transitional housing program.

Without our support, Jamie said she would’ve run the risk of relapsing. She’s now finished all the recovery requirements, including regaining custody of Katelin.

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Help to move on

Alisha Smith-Page (seen here with her son Caleb) is a recovering meth addict and has been clean since 2006. She now has a job and a plan for her life. In 2008, with the help of Elijah Family Homes, she also found a nice place to live with her son. This was no easy feat because of the felonies on her rap sheet. EFH reaches out to people like Alisha who don’t qualify for public housing but can’t yet make it on their own. Alisha’s not sure what she’d do without (EFH) and is glad she doesn’t have to find out. “I don’t want to say I wasted half my life, but it’s been a rough road,” Alisha said. “It’s made me who I am today.”

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Incentive to stay clean

Ronnie Ware of Pasco has a really good reason to stay clean, her name is Destiny. The young lady likes to read with her dad, watch “Care Bear” movies and strum a toy guitar. When Destiny was taken away from him at birth, Ware said that gave him all the incentive he needed to clean up his life.

“Elijah Family Homes offers the step between recovery to independent living,” Ware said. “Not having that opportunity may have caused me to go back to my old lifestyle.”

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Seeing tangible results

Just a few years after being started as a ministry in Richland, Elijah Family Homes is seeing tangible results.

Sharing Christmas with her son in her own home was a goal Michell Owens said she made for herself a year earlier when she was homeless — before she was accepted into Elijah Family Homes’ transitional housing program. With EFH’s help, in December 2012, Michell and her son Kayden, 3, put candy canes on their Christmas tree together.

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Graduation to a better life

If all you had seen of Alisha Bryans is her arrest photo from when she was a meth addict, you would not recognize her. Today, she’s full of life, and she and her son, Caleb Adams, are affectionate, trading kisses and saying, “I love you.”

In November of 2010, Alisha and Caleb became one of the first three families to graduate from Elijah Family Homes’ transitional housing program.

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