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Applicant Requirements

Tenant rent share:

  • Upon entering the program, the tenant participant’s share of the rent will be a minimum of $100.
  • The allowance for utilities is based on the prior year average utility bills for the rental unit.
  • The tenant is required to provide documentation regarding their household income at the time of their acceptance into the program and at least annually. If there are any substantial changes in income, they will provide documentation within 30 days of those changes, Rent may be adjusted based on the new information. Twice a year, the rent calculation is evaluated for all tenants.

Requirements for ongoing housing assistance:

  • Tenants maintain healthy drug and alcohol-free lifestyles, demonstrated through periodic random urine analysis or hair samples.
  • Any narcotic or psychotropic medication changes are immediately reported to EFH staff.
  • Tenants pay rent consistently on or before rent payment due date and follow through with any other agreements made with landlord.
  • Tenants participate in community services that are helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as counseling, parenting classes or anger management groups.
  • Tenants document annually their long and short term goals towards self-sufficiency.
  • Tenants maintain their homes such that they are clean and safe for the children residing in the homes, demonstrated by random site visits and home inspections.
  • Adult family members who are not disabled obtain employment or are on a track to obtain employment.
  • All alterations in income and other changes of circumstance, as well as copies of current annual tax returns, are reported to appropriate staff or officers of EFH.
  • Tenants notify appropriate staff or officers of EFH of any criminal activity, fines, tickets, arrests, convictions, etc. since their approval to become a tenant.
  • Tenants notify appropriate staff or officers of EFH regarding changes in family makeup. ln order to add additional people to households or to house overnight guests for more than two night, tenants must obtain prior approval. All guests in the household must comply with EFH requirements regarding alcohol and drug usage.
  • No level 2 or 3 sex offenders are allowed in the home.
  • Any additional adults staying in an EFH-supported home for more than seven days must complete an application packet and meet the qualifications for acceptance.
  • Children in EFH properties must sign rental agreements upon turning 18.
  • The number of residents in a home may not exceed the number allowable by city ordinances.
  • Tenants regularly document how they are taking steps to handle their financial responsibilities using available resources.
  • Tenants attend regularly attend monthly EFH meetings, along with providing emotional support to other participants of EFH. Tenants treat all EFH members with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • Tenants with a history of drug or alcohol abuse attend and document at least one 12-Step or comparable “recovery” meeting per week.
  • Housing assistance may be provided for up to three years to participants who actively pursue their goals.

Non Compliance:

Families not complying with program responsibilities will be notified of noncompliance and may be immediately terminated from the program; however, the participant may be permitted to continue with the program upon approval from Client Services Team.

If terminated from this program for any reason, tenant cannot be reinstated or re-apply for a minimum of twelve calendar months following the date of termination. Potential for reinstatement is not guaranteed or implied.


How to apply for housing

EFH has an applicant list for housing. While on the list, applicants participate in supportive services, attend monthly EFH community meetings, participate in periodic random drug tests, and submit weekly recovery meeting documentation. If you’d like to apply call Ryan Washburn, Program Administrator, at 509-943-6610 to set up an appointment for a brief orientation and to pick up an application.