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Participant’s Agreement

  • I agree to remain abstinent of alcohol and drugs, including narcotics or other legal or illegal substances that may interfere with my ability to maintain my substance abuse program objectives.
  • I will not allow alcohol or the drugs listed above at or in my home.
  • I agree to periodic random urine analysis or hair follicle tests. I understand that a failure to comply will be considered to be a positive test result.
  • If there is a question about my children’s possibly using drugs or alcohol, I understand that EFH may ask them to submit a urine sample for analysis.
  • I shall pay rent consistently on or before rent payment date agreed upon. I will follow through with any other agreements made with landlord.
  • I agree to participate in community services that will be helpful in maintaining healthy lifestyle such as counseling, parenting classes or anger management groups.
  • I will respect the property of my residence and will maintain this property in a reasonable, safe and sanitary condition.
  • I agree to allow access to my home to EFH representatives* for random site visits and/or searches for illegal substances. I may or may not be present for such searches.
  • If not disabled, I will obtain employment or work towards that goal.
  • I will develop and document annually my short and long term goals toward self-sufficiency. I commit to work toward accomplishing these goals.
  • I will notify EFH representatives of any substantial changes in my income or circumstances.
  • I will notify EFH representatives of any criminal activity, fines, tickets, arrests, convictions, etc. I have since my approval to become a tenant.
  • I will notify EFH representatives of any changes in psychotropic or narcotic prescription medication.
  • I will notify EFH representatives of any change in family makeup. I will obtain prior approval to have nonresidents stay overnight for more than two nights in my home
  • I will not allow any level 2 or 3 sex offenders in my home.
  • To add an adult to my household for more than seven days, I understand that he or she must complete an application and meet the qualifications for acceptance.
  • I will document the steps I take to handle my financial responsibilities. I will provide a copy of my annual tax return. . I will attend all required EFH meetings unless unable due to work or illness. lf I am unable to attend, I will notify EFH representatives prior to the meeting and make contact with EFH representatives within a week of the meeting missed.
  • I will treat all EFH members with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • If I have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, I agree to attend at least one 12-Step or comparable recovery meeting per week and provide documentation of my attendance.
  • If terminated from this program for any reason I cannot be reinstated or reapply for a minimum of twelve calendar months following the date of termination. Potential for reinstatement is not guaranteed or implied.

*EFH Representatives include staff, board members, mentors, etc.

In order to participate in the Supportive Housing Program of Elijah Family Homes, I understand and agree to the above. I also understand that failure to comply may result in termination of services.


How to apply for housing

EFH has an applicant list for housing. While on the list, applicants participate in supportive services, attend monthly EFH community meetings, participate in periodic random drug tests, and submit weekly recovery meeting documentation. If you’d like to apply call Ryan Washburn, Program Administrator, at 509-943-6610 to set up an appointment for a brief orientation and to pick up an application.