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Did you know, children exposed to structured activities such as team sports, performing arts and participation in youth organizations are not only more likely to succeed in school, but in adulthood as well? The benefits are exponential! ...

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About Us

Elijah Family Homes is a faith-based organization that fosters hope, dignity, and self-sufficiency, through stable housing and supportive services for families in recovery. Elijah Family Homes adds to a family’s resources and closes the gap between its income, government programs, and the family’s...

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How It Works

EFH’s 3-Year Transitional Plan for Success Builds Healthy Families, Stronger Neighbors & Active Citizens. Year #1: Development of Foundational Life Skills. Year #2: Development of Sustainable Work/Education/Finance Skills. Year #3: Transitioning from Dependency to Self-Sufficiency & Graduation from...

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How to Help EFH

Elijah Family Homes needs the support of the Tri-Cities community. If you would like to help, please contact us and consider the following opportunities:

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Volunteer With EFH

Volunteers are an integral part of Elijah Family Homes.  A variety of skills and talents are utilized in the day-to-day operation of the organization.  If you are the proverbial “people person”, like to organize events, work in an office setting, possess strong listening skills, enjoy helping others experience success and have time and energy to devote to a great community charity, Elijah Family Homes would welcome your...

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