Hope Springs with New Life

Hope Springs with New Life

Becoming a Parent

For many mothers and fathers, the birth of their first child is a monumental and life-changing experience. This was certainly the case for our PCAP client, April, (not her real name). The birth of April’s only child, a beautiful daughter, served as the catalyst for her to embark on a journey towards sobriety. Fast forward three years to February 2024, April celebrated her graduation from PCAP, having remained clean and sober for over three years. She now holds a managerial position in the food service industry and has purchased her own home.

Everyday Growth

April, a single mother, faces the daily challenge of balancing work, managing a household, transporting her busy three-year-old daughter to and from daycare and speech therapy classes, and addressing the various other aspects of raising a happy and healthy child. It is evident from April’s interactions with her daughter that she adores her; April has made her child her top priority, and her dedication shines through. She is a remarkable mother.

Being Consistent

PCAP exists to support mothers like April. One of the key advantages of PCAP’s three-year program is its duration; we stand by mothers who are dedicated to transforming their lives, regardless of where they are on their journey. This commitment not only impacts the lives of the mothers themselves but also lays the groundwork for the well-being of their children and, looking further ahead, can have a positive influence on future generations. We consider it a privilege to work with April and all the mothers in our program. We take great satisfaction in providing practical assistance as they diligently strive to create a better life for themselves and for all those they touch.


We work to foster hope, dignity and self-sufficiency through stable housing and supportive services for families seeking recovery.