Resources For Recovery

Resources For Recovery

Our PCAP Case Workers are dedicated to supporting their clients by connecting them with vital resources that our community offers. These programs provide support that is needed to build a strong foundation for a new life. Today, we are honored to share the inspiring story of “Jessica” (not her real name), a remarkable woman who has transformed her life through sheer dedication and hard work.

Strength Through it All

Jessica’s journey has been nothing short of incredible. Battling substance use disorder, she faced homelessness, incarceration, and the heartbreaking loss of child custody. Yet, through it all, she never gave up. Today, Jessica stands as a testament to resilience—a strong, responsible, and dependable wife and mother of three. She has regained custody of her oldest daughter and is wholeheartedly committed to caring for her children.

Opportunity and Support

Early in her recovery, Jessica was given the opportunity to participate in drug court. She embraced this chance wholeheartedly, completing all requirements without a single sanction. This experience was pivotal in her journey, providing structure and accountability as she worked towards sobriety.

Jessica also took advantage of Oxford housing, where she found a supportive community of roommates who shared her commitment to recovery. This environment allowed her to focus on rebuilding her life with the encouragement and understanding of others who had faced similar struggles.

Continuing to Grow

Her determination didn’t stop there. Jessica earned her peer support certification and enrolled in college courses at CBC, studying criminal justice. Her hard work paid off, and today she enjoys a beautiful home and the unwavering support of her loving husband.

Giving Back

But Jessica’s journey is far from over. She recently enrolled in school to pursue her realtor license, continuing to build a bright future for herself and her family. In addition to her personal achievements, Jessica is passionate about giving back to the community. She volunteers her time to help the homeless population and those struggling with addiction, working at warming centers, Grace Kitchen, and local churches.

Jessica’s story is a powerful reminder of what is possible with determination and the right support. Since her clean date on July 26, 2019, she has accomplished so much and continues to inspire those around her. We at PCAP are privileged to be part of her journey, and we have no doubt that she will continue to make a profound impact in our community.

Thank you, Jessica, for allowing us to share in your incredible journey. Your strength is an inspiration to us all.


We work to foster hope, dignity and self-sufficiency through stable housing and supportive services for families seeking recovery.